We bring you 100% pure, organic and ethically-sound Superfoods directly from their originary lands.
The most nutritious food that inspires people to make the world a better place.


German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach said: “we are what we eat”.
Nowadays we know that not only body, but also psyche and soul are closely related with food
that deeply influences our way to feel and act.


To get out of the deep ethical crisis we are going through, a decisive action
by a multitude of honest, competent and tenacious people is urgent.
Get on board and live genuine!


The world is going through a profound ethical crisis that has triggered rapid and radical changes. The recent financial crisis has aggravated poverty and unemployment, and governments everywhere are struggling to restore confidence, and to aid recovery. The gap between rich and poor countries is worsening, whilst inequality is growing within single States, between who is able to reap the fruits of economic development and who remains excluded. Added to this, there are the daunting challenges of climate change and increasing pollution, requiring to all countries the reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Finally, the world is more and more digital, a development that implies a strong impact on behavior of producers and consumers. In this critical context, players who pursue profit as the only goal are contributing to generate a marketplace full of anxiety and growing mistrust. That’s why Genuino is focused on the human being, its soul and values. Chooses the path of integrity and social responsibility to balance profit and development. We firmly believe that there is a resource not fully exploited yet able to determine positive change, and this is in the hands of honest and tenacious people who have courage to pursue their objectives with loyalty, respect for others and the planet, looking for common good.


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